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How to download this files

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color 1/16/2016 1:21:04 PM
I am using portable offline explorer 7 .
I want to download all files from a site to a directory with their page name.
on this page is a link to the file I want to download in this format:

And this will load this file format:

What I want to have on my disk is a file like this:

So how can I manage this with offlineexplorer settings ?

Thanks a lot

Oleg Chernavin 1/17/2016 7:08:21 PM
It is possible to do, but without the FILMTITLE, because it is absent in the final URL. Otherwise you can do the filename:

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
color 1/18/2016 1:16:44 PM

thanks but if its possible I dont not how to set the rename settings correct for doing that.
Now I only many different directories on my disk.
Can you help me for this ?

So if I understand correct its not possible to take the title of the page as a downloadirectory and put the file from the othersite
there ?

So there is no paramater like *titel*/filename for this ?

Thanks for your help so far

Oleg Chernavin 1/18/2016 8:26:48 PM
The best I can do is the final filename:

To do this, install the following version:

Then open the Project Properties dialog - Parsing section and click the URL Substitutes button. Add a rule:

Apply to:

Click OK button to save it and try to download. Would this work?

color 1/20/2016 2:31:53 PM
Thanks for you help!
I installed your beta version (unfortunately not the portable version for which I have a license )
and tried your settings.
It does not work out but I found another maybe important detail.
The Links for downloading shows

when I put the mousecursor over the text.
When clicking on it loads the link

Now with your beta version and settings I get this on my pc:

but the filesize is only some kByte ansd not a working video file .

So any Idea ?
Thanks for your support

Oleg Chernavin 1/20/2016 6:29:26 PM
I think, I need to see the actual site to advise better. Perhaps, I miss some important detail and I cannot test my ideas on real web pages and links.

If you don't want to show the address here, write me to

color 1/22/2016 12:33:53 PM

the real name of the site is
Thanks a lot
Oleg Chernavin 1/24/2016 9:43:46 PM
The site requires logon to view the URLs. Can you please send it to